Ask a Brit abroad what he misses most and there is a good chance the answer is ‘a good British breakfast.’  - Can’t you just hear that sausage sizzling in the pan and smell the aroma of frying bacon?

Jeff and Paul - British Butchers!

Paul and Geoff have been friends for a few years since becoming neighbours near Marciac in the Gers SW FRance. We have a lot in common, such as a love for the finer things in life - skiing, golf and good food; that’s why we live in France. However, the were only two home comforts missing from our lives here: "Bacon and sausage."

That is why we combined our 40 years of catering and butchery experience to create "Bulldog Bacon and Bangers"

We use only the best quality locally sourced pork. All our sausages contain at least 70% meat and are hand made using our own traditional recipes and cures to provide the taste you would expect from your local British butcher. Our bacon is cold-cured with no additives.

The special blend of ingredients we use is taken from original recipes, which are so secret that nobody is allowed near when we create our masterpieces!

Our mission is to raise the standing of British cuisine in France, and what better way than with first class British Bangers, Bacon, Gammon and other pork products. This we achieve by using only the finest ingredients and traditional recipes, in order to provide the very best quality products to expats and locals alike.