We are situated in Sembouès, halfway between Marciac and Villecomtal. Simply place an order through our products page and we will get straight back to let you know when it is available for pick-up - or you can call Paul on 06 20 02 02 26 or Geoff on 06 34 64 53 39.

Our products are now also available from us, Andy or Colin at the following markets:-

And we make deliveries to:

You can also purchase our products via Sue Atkins (Anglo-Marché) at the following markets:-

You can now also find our products at Churchill's British shop in Condom, Super U Masseube, at Intermarche, Trie sur Baise and at Domaine de Soudeprat in Eauze

For deliveries to St. Giron contact Lorna Franks at coombebarnflo@hotmail.com,